Signs of Spring

Flo on the back porch

The cats aren’t interested in coming in the house anymore.  Even in today’s cold rain, Flo found her place on the porch.

Most mornings, the cats aren’t even hungry for their kibble.   They leave blood stains and body parts by the back door.

The wild flower seeds I planted in a pot with a single pansy, are sprouting.

I have to wipe mud and manure off Fate every time she comes in from outside. (Somehow, Red never seems to get dirty like Fate does.  I think he has too much dignity for dirt).

I’m in my studio  till 6:30 or 7pm, the light makes me forget how long I’ve been working and that I usually get hungry for dinner by 6 o’clock.

On Friday, our first load of wood for next winter was delivered.



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