“Something About What Happens When We Talk”

There’s another sign of spring that I forgot to write about yesterday.

It’s when Jon takes off the bulky blue sweater that he’s been wearing all winter and replaces his wool hat with a felt, brimmed hat.

Maybe it’s  that I get to see Jon dressed a little different (he always wears the same clothes, like a uniform.  His dresser is stuffed with one kind of pants and one kind of shirt) but I  think it’s mostly because I get to see more of him, that I find irresistible.

Who knows, it could have something to do with the spring too.  But then I think of how once summer comes he’ll roll up his sleeves revealing his forearms.

That’s a whole other thing.

When this Changing of the Clothes happens it  makes me think of those Victorian novels where the man gets a glimpse of the woman’s wrist between the end of her glove and the edge of her  sleeve and he falls hopelessly in love.

Or the scene in scene in To Kill a Mockingbird where Atticus takes off his jacket and Scout and Jem, never having seen him without his jacket on, are as stunned as if he’s standing in the court room in his underwear.

Because what it feels like when Jon removes that bulky blue sweater, is that he’s revealing a part of himself that he’s kept hidden.  Opening himself up, making himself a little vulnerable.  And that can be pretty sexy.

I  a little worried  that I’m sound sexist.

I think about how I would feel  if Jon wrote this about me.  But I don’t think I’m being  sexist, just honest.

After all It’s not just the way Jon looks that makes me love him.  There’s a Lucinda Williams song called There’s Something About What Happens When We Talk.  

Ultimately, no matter what Jon is or isn’t wearing, much of why I fell in love with Jon  comes down to the way we can and do talk to each other.

For me, there’s nothing sexier than the intimacy and connection that can occur during a good conversation.

4 thoughts on ““Something About What Happens When We Talk”

  1. “there’s nothing sexier than the intimacy and connection that can occur during a good conversation.”

    Amen to that!

  2. That’s a lovely portrait you took of Jon. I’m a photographer and taking pictures like this, where the true essence of the person shines through, is always the goal, though not always achieved.

    It also shows the affection and trust he feels for you. Well done 🙂

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