The Goose’s Story

Earlier this morning, the goose was alone,  in the flooded grasses in our pasture.

Both geese were together in the pasture.

As soon as they saw me and Fate, one of them, probably the male from what I’ve read,  lifted his wings and started hissing.

I walked past him, giving him space.  But Fate didn’t know what to do.  She froze as he confronted her, extending his neck and and puffing himself up, and hissing even more.

I called Fate and she came running, relieved, I think, to get away from the goose.

He followed us as we walked away, still hissing, in a low crouch and his neck straight out, horizontal to his body.

I smiled.

Was this the second or third story I made up about the goose.  I doesn’t really matter, because it’s the true story, the goose’s story.

All this time when I thought he was alone, he was really keeping and eye out and protecting his mate and the nest that is somewhere, well concealed, and close by.

Now I’m thinking about the next part of the story.  The part where one morning, we go out to feed the animals and see not one goose, but the two geese and their chicks.

4 thoughts on “The Goose’s Story

  1. If you get too close you’ll learn what being goosed really means! I raise geese and being “pinched” by one once I learned to keep my distance. All my Border Collies give them a wide berth in Spring also. Although my Fred (he’s a one blue eyed pirate too) occasionally circles behind one and “goose’s” it back.

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