The Power of Ice Cream

I guess I’ve been in a pissy mood since I woke up this morning.  And it just got worse as the day went on.

Then Jon suggested we drive to Bennington Vermont to get ice cream.

I agreed, bitching the whole way.  I just couldn’t help myself, every time I opened my mouth, something negative came out.  Jon was somehow good-natured about it, sure that the ice cream would make me feel better.

This is one of the good things about being self-employed.  You don’t get paid vacation or sick days, but you can take an hour and a half on a gorgeous spring day to go to your favorite ice cream stand that just opened for the season.

Maybe it was the sugar, but somehow, the ice cream actually lifted my mood a bit.

Ugh, now I’m going to have to tell Jon he was right and never hear the end of it.  But still when I think of how good that vanilla/chocolate twist tasted, it was  worth it.

On the way home I stopped the car so Jon could take a picture of some cows.

Suddenly, the grass is bright green and long.  There’s even some dandelions and violets popping up.

Things are looking better….

One thought on “The Power of Ice Cream

  1. Dear Maria, I just read Jon’s hilarious account of your ice cream adventure! The two of you are so full of life and laughter that it just makes my day to read your blogs. Annie

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