Athena Sings “Summer Time”

I want to share with you something special that I experienced this afternoon.

Jon and I went to see my dear friend Athena sing at the Argyle Brewery which is in the old train station in our town.

I saw Athena sing publicly one time about 5 years ago when I first met her.  Since then she’s played at workshops all over the country, but not locally.

So today it was special to see her doing what she was born to do.  To see her play her music and connect with the audience in such a warm and loving way.  Not always easy to do in a brewery.

Athena played all her own music except for “Summertime” which I got in this video.  (I’m posting it because the sound came out best.)

I also love that Athena invited her friend Cheryl,  to play flute with her.  Cheryl told me she hadn’t played in public for over 10 years.  This is part of  the beauty of Athena.  That she wanted to encourage someone to share the stage with her.

So I hope you enjoy listening to Athena as I did.  I’m so happy that she’s come back to her music in this way.



4 thoughts on “Athena Sings “Summer Time”

  1. I really enjoyed listening and watching your video. Beautiful music, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. That video was wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I love the combination of singing with the flute. Excellent!

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