Sunday Afternoon

Jon and I decided to stay home today.  Gardening, reading, writing and relaxing.  We both put our books down to talk and then Flo decided to lay between them.

I couldn’t resist taking her picture.

I’m halfway through Stray City by Chelsey Johnson.  It’s the story about a woman who finds a  new home  and family in the lesbian community of late 1990’s Portland, Oregon after her parents disown her for being gay.

Johnson does a great job giving a feeling of the time, place and culture. And I’m completely caught up in Andy, the main character’s, story.  I’ve only been to Portland once and that was about five years ago, but now I feel like I know the city in a new way.

I can relate to Andy in the way of being the outsider in my family and the search for a sense of family in my friends and community.   This is something that I’m  beginning to see that  I finally have in my own life.

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