Making Felted Bracelets At The Mansion

Mary, Alice and Jean, rolling the roving into felt

We made some beautiful felted bracelets at The Manson, Assisted Living Facility today.

Mary and Alice and Jean rolled their felt till their arms ached.  Then me and Trish, the activities director for the day, helped out a little.

Jean and her felted mustache

Jean has a great sense of humor.   At one point she held the roll of felt up to her lip as if it were a mustache.  She started giggling which got the rest of us laughing.

I brought a jar of beads  and we used some of them when we tied the ends of the bracelet.

All the felted bracelets

Alan, didn’t want to make a bracelet, but wears them all the time.  So Trish gave him the one she made, which he was happy to have.  I think if we do this again, he may join us next time.

I alway enjoy going to the Mansion and teaching a class, but today was the most fun I’ve had there.  For some reason, we all got pretty silly.  But at the same time everyone was able to make a bracelet that they liked.

It seemed like the perfect project.

2 thoughts on “Making Felted Bracelets At The Mansion

  1. Maria the residents at the Mansion are blessed to have you share your time and talents with them. I love the sense of humor Jean has shown with her mustache, indeed she would have had me giggling right along, as I am smiling now.

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