House of Hearts Tote Bags For Sale

Fate and the new House of Hearts Tote Bags I’m selling in my Etsy Shop.

I have the new shipment of House of Hearts Totebags for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $15 each + $6 shipping. You can buy them by clicking here or on the Etsy icon on the top of my blog.

This is the kind of reusable bag you can fold up and put in your pocketbook or leave in your car so you always have a tote bag when you go shopping.   It’s 16″x17″ with a 6″ pocket on the outside.

They’re made of cotton, are durable and can hold lots of stuff.

Most of you probably remember my trip to India last February.  Many of you donated to help make it possible. And there was lots of money left over from my expenses so I was able to donate to the day care centers in the Red Light District, the kids rescued from  trafficking at Puresa Humanitarian  and to Co-operative’s like House of Hearts.

I never expected to be selling the potholders I went to India to teach the women at House of Hearts to make.  And I’ve sold a lot of them.  Now they’re making tote bags and I’m happy to be selling those.

House of Hearts was started by Soma Seal in her home in a village in West Bengal India.  When I visited her, her house was filled with the women who work there and their children.  We all had a delicious home made lunch and we made potholders.  Somehow they had all the materials we needed, including the thick cotton batting for insulation.

It was a thrill when Soma heated up a pot with water in and we tested the potholders to make sure they would work.  They did and we even took a picture of me, standing next to Soma, holding the pot of boiling water with the potholder.

Me and Soma using the potholder made at House of Hearts.  The women in the background are a couple of the women who made the potholders.

Soma worked her way up in the fair trade company Made By Survivors to a supervisors position.  When she did she open up the sewing shop, House of Hearts, in her home.  She wanted to help the women in her village the way she was helped when she needed it.  When the women in her village can learn a trade and earn money, it raises their status in the village so they have more control over their lives.

So if you’re like me, and always forgetting to bring your own bag when you go shopping this is the perfect bag to always bring along.  It folds up small and  opens up with lots of space inside and is durable too.

They come in white with black print or black with white print.  They also make great gifts, because each time you buy a House of Hearts Totebag it benefits the women in Soma’s village and their families.

You can see them and buy them by clicking  here  or on the Etsy icon on the top of my blog.

Each bag has a House of Hearts tag on it.

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