Rosemary, Zelda and Kim

Three very different sheep with different personalities and different wool.

Rosemary is a Romney, with her soft curly wool.  She has always had an imperious look and attitude.

Zelda is a Cheviot with a year’s worth of wool on her back.  Because she’s older ( 8 or 9 by now) her wool doesn’t come in a quick as the other sheep.  So I only shear her once a year.  She’s always been the leader of the flock, although sometime now, she hands that position over to Liam, who is a wether ( a castrated male) and Suzy’s Lamb.

Kim, with her long white wool is a Karakul.  She’s an asian sheep and known for their wool.  Kim is still shy around me. She’ll only come close to get a treat if I have one.  But she’ll back aways if another sheep gets pushy around her.

2 thoughts on “Rosemary, Zelda and Kim

  1. Wrens are bold indeed. For three years running now a determined pair of wrens have wanted to nest inside our screened porch. The first year they tore a hole in one of the screens and flew in and began swiftly nesting inside our big watering can. We hung the can outside and they continued to do so–raising 2 families. The second year they stayed with the watering can

    This Spring they managed to find entry under the loosely fitting screen door. We had to block this by building a sill as we have 2 indoor cats who love this porch on warm days. As my husband says, half seriously, if we didn’t have cats we could train them to a wren flap. Instead they are sensibly making a nest in a big mock orange that leans against a corner of the porch but, my goodness, they are watching for us to leave the screen open!

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