The Bold and Resourceful Wren

For the past few days a wren has been landing on the branch  just outside my studio window.

I first saw it when I was writing my piece about “little Maria” and the Promise of the Panther.  It felt like another animal symbol to me, so I looked it up in Animal Speak.

I found that the wren is a “bold and resourceful bird…the has the vocal power of a bird much larger”   “It can teach the most effective means to build within your own environment… and holds medicine for using what is available”

Seeing the wren and reading its symbolism, feels like an affirmation for me to keep speaking my truth and continue creating my own community through my work and blog and in my own small Upstate NY town too.

The little wren is a mighty bird.

2 thoughts on “The Bold and Resourceful Wren

  1. Wrens are my spirit bird! They appear wherever I live and travel. I’ve seen House Wrens, which this one appears to be, Winter, Carolina, Cactus, Bewick’s, Canyon, Rock, Marsh, and Sedge. The Celts looked to the Wren animal totem as always active, meticulous, sort, and industrious. The Wren symbol is a reminder that we should strive for a happy go lucky nature and to bestow kindness on others.

    I’m so happy that you have a Wren at Bedlam Farm!

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