Shipping Out, House of Hearts Tote Bags

House of Hearts Tote Bags

My shipping office (aka guest room) has been taken over with House of Hearts Tote bags. I got a bunch of them packed up today and ready for the post office. I’ll bring them in the morning.

Some people have been asking me about the pattern on the fabric of the totes.  I don’t know what kind of writing it is, or what it says, but I bought some of the same fabric (hot pink on black) when I was in India.

I just loved the way it looked.

I sold about 15 totes and still have plenty for sale.  They’re perfect for folding up and carrying with you to the store, so you don’t have to use a plastic or paper bag when you shop.

They’re $15 each + $6 shipping and you can find out all the details about them here in my Etsy Shop.

You can also buy them by emailing me here at [email protected].  And if you have any other questions, just let me know.



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