My Dull Creative Spark

My creative spark is dull today.

I’m like one long flat line that goes on for so long, it dissolves into the horizon.  It took me all day, so far, to decide on starting a quilt, (I didn’t know what I wanted to do, only that it had to be big, maybe like that long, flat line) then to put the pieces of fabric above together.  I have no idea if I even like what I’ve done.  I can’t seem to find that place of trusting inside of me.

I stopped working (or trying to work) to finish stacking the firewood.  It’s a good day for that.  Now I’m off to Bellydancing class.  A good day for that too I think, since I’m not getting much done in the studio.

I might be trying too hard and really just need a break to get my spark back.

3 thoughts on “My Dull Creative Spark

  1. Glad to read other people have days like that! Wish I’d learned sooner to stop and do something completely different. Pushing on when I’m tired or not in the right frame of mind has lead to some spectacular mess ups, eg attaching quilt blocks with the fabric facing the inside of the quilt, or totally missing a dropped stitch in a knitting project, while it unravels further and further down.

    Instead you got your firewood stacked away, and, from the next post, had a great time at belly dancing class.

    By coincidence sent you a parcel of fabric scraps on Weds, should get there today or tomorrow, hope they are inspiring!

    1. I have the same problem with not pushing myself. and I know just what you mean about messing up when in that place. It just doesn’t work. Thanks for the fabric scraps. I’ll let you know when I get them!

  2. Yesterday (Sunday) seems to have been the day for firewood piling as a countermeasure to Whatever! Manual labor can be The Best prescription for a lagging spirit/muse/soul. Ayuh.

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