Mailing Out Army Of Good Bumper Stickers

Every night, since we put them up for sale, Jon and I have been packing up Army of Good bumperstickers to take to the postoffice the next morning.

We seem to get some orders everyday.  Some in the mail and some in my Etsy Shop.

I print out the labels and stuff the envelopes and Jon puts on the labels and stamps and seals them. We’ve already sold over a hundred bumperstickers, so by now we have  a good system worked out.

In today’s mail we got orders from Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Colorado and Washington.

As I type out the labels, I picture whatever it is I know about the state.  Whether it’s a memory from having been there or the shape of the state from seeing it on a map.  (I had one of those wooden puzzles of the United States when I was a kid and I can still remember how the shape of each state felt).

Well, it’s getting late, and I haven’t processed today’s orders yet so off I go.

If  you’d like an Army of Good Bumpersticker, you can get them here in my Etsy Shop.  Or by mail at Jon Katz PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.  They’re $10 each including shipping.  

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