“Trust” My New Quilt For Sale

“Trust”  68″ x 73″  $400 + $20 shipping

When I first started working on this quilt, last week,   I wasn’t feeling good about myself.  I had slipped into a bad place, having a hard time making decisions about my work.   I went to my studio that morning with no ideas and little desire to create.  

There was only one thing I did know.   If I was going to make something, it had to be big. 

So I did what I always do when I begin working on a quilt. I found two pieces of fabric that I wanted to sew together.

It’s that simple.

And I found, even in the self-deprecating and indecisive mood I was in, I could do that.

Once I did, I found another piece of fabric that looked “right”  and sewed that onto the other two.  And on and on.

This is the way it works.

Going deep inside myself for the answers about what to do next. Trusting the picture that comes into my mind when I see what color and pattern the next piece of fabric is “supposed” to be.  Trusting the voice in my head that says “Yes!” when I lay down a square or strip of fabric next to the ones I already have sewn together.

And as the quilt grows, my confidence in myself begins to return.  Little by little with each decision and each stitch.

This is how it’s always been with me and my quilts.

After getting divorced and starting my business,  ten years ago, they helped me find my true self.  They helped bring the real  me back from deep inside myself where I had been hiding for most of my life.

Being able to make something beautiful, that came directly from inside of me, from my true self, helped me discover who I really was. It helped me believe that I  was a good and worthy person.  That I had something of value to contribute to the world.

The process of making my quilts still does this.  Every quilt I make is an affirmation of my own self worth.

And as much as I love to sell my quilts and make connections with people, through my art,  I would keep making them, whether other people bought them or not.

Making my quilts is a continuing exercise in trusting myself.  Creating them is a healing and trusting act.  One I count on to help keep me real.

My quilt  “Trust” is for sale.  It’s 68″x 73″ and is $400 + $20 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, by clicking here or on the Etsy icon on the top of my page.  Or you can email me here at [email protected].

Pansy Apron

I used a few old aprons in  this quilt.  This is a piece, with a pocket,  from one of them.

I don’t remember who sent me this fabric, but I noticed the small repair to it is made the same why that Molas (a stitching art from are made) are made.  So It may be the fabric is from Panama, where the Guna’s who make the Mola, live.  I intentionally used the old repair in the quilt, because I thought it very beautiful.

I also used this square from an old quilt that someone sent me.  It’s all hand stitched.

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