Jon’s Back

“Your Iris is open!” I called up the stairs to Jon this morning.

For the past couple of days Jon’s been trying to get a picture of the purple and white Iris’ growing in my garden.  But he couldn’t get the right angle, with the sun behind them, without stepping on the new seedlings sprouting near them.

Just wait, I told him.  There was an Iris about to bloom on the edge of the garden that would be easy to get close to.

Jon has a certain posture, focus and concentration when he’s taking a photo. I love to try to capture it in my own pictures of him because it’s such an important part of our creative lives and history  together.

He only started taking pictures after we became friends.  It was a big part of our creative connection (along with Jon giving me the studio barn to do my work in) and is a factor in  the love that bloomed between us.

I know Jon’s back so well, from seeing him take pictures and from seeing him in his office writing.  And I have a certain affection for seeing him from this point of view.  It says he’s doing his work.  That’s he’s gone into the creative interior space.

It’s so much of who Jon really is.

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