Eating The Lilac Trimmings

I was always nervous about pruning my Lilac Bushes, but this year I decided to look into how to do it.

I chose Youtube as my research resource.  I watched a  few videos and got all the information I needed.  Yesterday I started with the Lilac by my studio.  It’s grown so much since we’ve been here, it now covers two of my studio windows.

I learned that the best time to prune a Lilac is just after the flowers die.  And I could actually cut a lilac bush almost down to the ground and in two years it would be back again, a full bush with lots of flowers.

I chose to prune the bush by my studio not cut it back.

I cut off so many branches and the bush is still really big.  Then I cut the dead wood out of the lilac by the pasture, that one can grow as big and bushy as it wants, it helps block the road.

There’s a little lilac bush in my garden that  I pulled out and transplanted a couple of years ago.  But apparently there were still plenty of roots in the ground, because this year, the bush is back.   It’s loaded with flowers and almost as big as me.

I put all the branches from the Lilacs in the barn yard, I knew the donkeys and sheep would like to nibble on them.

They were very curious at first, but, unlike in the winter, they have their fill of fresh grass so they lost interest after a while.  But I did get a video of them tasting the leaves.

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