Fanny Enjoying The Lilac Cuttings

The donkeys and sheep are still snacking on my pruning from the Lilac bushes.  This morning I got a video of Fanny munching away.

My Lilacs look a little like they got a haircut from someone who didn’t really know what they were doing.  But I know that by next spring they’ll be back to their full flowered selves.

2 thoughts on “Fanny Enjoying The Lilac Cuttings

  1. Hi Maria. If you want your lilacs to bloom well next year, prune off the dead flowers, as many as you can reach. Hope they bloom well next year for you!

    1. I’ve done that Cindy and more pruning to the whole bush. My bushes always bloom whether I prune the flowers or not. Now I believe I know how to cut them back too.

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