The Door’s Always Open


House of Heart’s Tote Bags for sale in my Etsy Shop

I’ve often dreamed about having a gallery in a small storefront in our little town of Cambridge NY.

There are plenty of empty shops and I imagine, when I pass them, how I would have a studio in the back where I would work and the shop up front.

The door would always be open, as long as I was there.  And, in my fantasy (even though I know in real life it would probably be different)  I’d welcome the people who came in even if they were interrupting my work.

I feel that having my Etsy Shop is fulfilling that dream in a way.

It’s not exactly the same, because I don’t have the physical contact with people, but it’s really the best compromise I can imagine.

I don’t have to pay rent, just minimal fees to Etsy.

My door is always open, day or night and I choose when to interrupt my work to check on my shop.

My customer base exceeds any I could have in our small town.

And although I don’t get to see my customers face to face, I do get the personal connection of  “talking” to them online.

Oh, and if I did have a shop in town, when customers came through the door Fate would be jumping all over them in greeting.  Doing that wiggle worm that dogs do when they are just so happy to see someone and can barely control themselves.    Fate’s much easier to control in a photo.

I like to think of the shelves in my Etsy Shop always being full.  Right now I have lots available… a Quilt, Jon’s Photos, notecards and lots more.  So, come have a look, anytime, just click on the Etsy Icon on the top of my blog, the door’s always open.

1970’s Smock Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.




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