The Irises In The Pasture

Every spring, bunches of purple Iris grow the marshes and along the edges of the pasture.

These are one of the few plants the donkeys and sheep won’t eat.  Somehow, maybe from experience,  the animals know they’ll make them sick.

The pasture is at it’s prettiest when the Iris are in bloom.  I pick one every few days and put it in an old glass bottle on Jon’s desk for his muse.


6 thoughts on “The Irises In The Pasture

  1. These are Blue Flag Iris which grow wild and are absolutely gorgeous. I have Yellow Flag Iris which are also beautiful, but are invasive. After mine are done blooming I cut the blossoms off, so as to not have them seed.

  2. Maria the Iris does both. They set seeds and the Rhizomes can be divided to get more plants. Flag Irises do like moist conditions.

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