The Ritual of Shearing

Socks kept coming over when the other sheep were being shorn and watching what Liz, our shearer, was doing.  It’s the first time any of the sheep have done that.  Usually they just huddle together in the corner of the barn.

You can see, as Liz is shearing Socks in this video, how the wool closer to her skin is much darker than the wool on top.  That’s because the sun and weather  bleaches the wool.

I tried putting coats on the sheep when I first got them to keep the color clean and dark, but it was a lot of work, adjusting them as the sheep’s coats grew in.  And some the sheep (like Zelda) kept taking them off.

So my sheep go natural.

I do enjoy watching their wool grow back in as the seasons change.  Shearing is one of those rituals of the farm that I never get tired of.

Socks, after she was shorn

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