Thumb Wrestling With Jon At The Refugee Soccer Game

Klue and Jon

Jon’s speciality is Thumb Wrestling.  He’ll challenge any kid to a thumb wrestle.   And he’s not one to let a kid win either.  Although I have seen him throw a game or two, he mostly can’t resist competing and winning.  The kids seem to appreciate it too.  Most of them have quick fingers, probably from all that time on smart phones.


Ethaw and Red

Yesterday we went to an Albany Warriors Soccer game.

We hung out with the kids who weren’t in the game.  Klue and Ethaw were trying to get Red to come to them.  But he would only go if Jon told him to.  They even tried to imitate Jon’s voice.  Klue was looking for Fate, but Ethaw was happy to pet Red.

Jon is raising money to send the refugee soccer team to The Great Escape this summer.  You can read more about it here.

Klue, Red, Jon and Ali on the side line.

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