“Hedgehog and Rabbit” Pillow

Hedgehog and Rabbit Pillow is sold.   $75 + shipping in my Etsy Shop

For a long time I stopped making pillows.  I don’t know why I got the urge to make them again.  I can’t really explain how it works.  I mostly just go with what I’m feeling and try to trust it.

Karen gave me the rabbit fabric, made by an artist in Saratoga Spings, NY and it just said “Pillow” to me.

I used some of it, then Karen gave me some more.  This time, bigger pieces.

I love the woodland scene with the hedgehogs, rabbit.  There’s even a chipmunk on the tree.   I wanted to surround it with fabric that would draw the eye in, as if walking though the woods and coming upon it.

The little bird was in a swatch of fabric by itself.  So I added it to the top left corner of the pillow.  Separate, but still a part of the scene.

The pillow is called “Hedgehogs and Rabbit”.  It’s Sold.   24″ x 26″ and is $75 + $10 shipping.

You can buy it here in my Etsy Shop or by emailing me here at [email protected].

Detail of the forest scene
The back of the pillow

2 thoughts on ““Hedgehog and Rabbit” Pillow

  1. I missed another “Rabbit Pillow” (I love this fabric) – they seem to hop off your Etsy site!

    Kathleen : )

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