The donkeys have started to shed again.

It will take most of the summer for Lulu to shed her hair.  Fanny doesn’t have as thick a coat and loses it quicker.

I brush the donkeys every morning, the hair falling to the ground, getting caught in spider webs and blown in the wind.

A couple of years ago I found a birds nest made of donkey hair.  As if Lulu took off her winter coat and offered it as a warm, soft place for baby birds to be born.

2 thoughts on “Lulu

  1. What a beautiful fable and image Maria…Lulu offering her winter coat for a mama bird to nest her babies. An incredible thought to begin my day! Thank you! Kathye from Vermont

    PS…we’ve met at an art show a few years back in Pawlet. I was eating at Fuji in Bennington a few weeks
    ago and passed your table as I was leaving. Too shy and too polite to ever interrupt but I did
    offer a small wave as I passed by! Happy summer!

    1. I love the way nature works Kathye, how the timing is just right for Lulu and the birds. And I do remember seeing you at Fuji (although I didn’t know who it was you) a smile and wave is always nice!

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