The Powerful, Open, Uplifted Attitude

I was lucky to capture Jackie Slade’s   powerful, open, uplifted attitude  at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

One of the first things I noticed the first time I saw Sisters of the Shawl dance was their attitude.

Later in my Bellydancing class I found out that the “attitude” was an essential part of ATS (American Tribal Style) and that it manifests in a certain posture that is one of the first things I learned.

Marsha Archer founder of San Francisco Classic Dance Troupe “introduced the powerful, open, uplifted posture of the ATS® dancer.” She “felt her job was to enhance the power of the dancer and to make the audience feel privileged to be watching.”

I have adopted this posture into my everyday life.

When ever I feel myself slouching, or even beginning to feel emotionally “down”, I lift my chest and drop my shoulders and tuck in my butt.  It’s not as easy to hold the posture when I’m learning to dance, but I can feel the difference and I know people watching can see it.


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