A Toad In Every Bedlam Farm Garden


Minnie sitting on the wall by one of the Wildflower gardens

We have a  toad that hangs out on our back porch every year.

I’m sure  she lives in our garden and hibernates there in the winter, digging herself a warm bed under the ground.  This fall I’ll be sure to leave her a blanket of dead leaves to help her  feel safe.

She was out again last night, hanging out with the cats and ignored by the dogs. They all accept her as just another animal on Bedlam Farm.

I’ve read that toads are a sign of a healthy garden.  That they like wild areas with native flowers.

Now I’m thinking of making our gardens even more toad friendly.

Maybe putting out an invitation in the form or a dish of water (which they’ll sit in and absorb though their skin) and a toad house made of stones or an old broken flower pot.

I like the idea of a toad in every garden.

2 thoughts on “A Toad In Every Bedlam Farm Garden

  1. I too, have a strong liking for toads. We lived in Hawaii for a few years when I was a kid, and my mom would leave a tub of water out on the lanai for the toads to sit and relax in. I am surprised, however, that Flo tolerates the toad hanging out without eating her!

    1. That sounds like a fairy tale Debbie. The cats and dogs don’t bother the toad because they have a poison on their shin that repels them. There are some animals that will eat a toad, a raccoon and hawk, I think.

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