The Woman In The Swing on my Fabric Painting

I was going to use the woman on the swing in a potholder, but then I got another idea.

I looked over at the fabric painting I’m working on, hanging on my wall, and I could see her as a part of it.

It took me a few minutes of moving her around to find the right place for her.  And when I did, she also transformed how and what I saw in the “moon” on the wolf’s back.

I used my new metallic thread and a little black marker,  to stitch the image on the  diamond shape inside the quilted circle.

Then I found another scrap of the same kind of fabric with a woman holding fruit in her skirt.  I had no trouble finding her place on the piece.   I used the old quilted lines and stitched over them with gold thread to create the sun behind her.

I’m still working on this fabric painting, but this is what it looks like so far.


3 thoughts on “The Woman In The Swing on my Fabric Painting

  1. I’m really enjoying the stories of how you create your quilts. It seems some of the fabric pieces tell you where they want to go!

  2. As someone who enjoys piecing and creating my own “picture” quilts, this is by far, my favorite of all the quilts you’ve posted since I started following you at least a couple of years ago! Beautiful and intriguing.
    Inspiration is everywhere, I also enjoy reading about the genesis and on-going creation of your quilts.

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