My New Car, Lost In The Parking Lot

I walked out of the bank this morning and couldn’t find my car.

Now let me be clear, the parking lot of our bank isn’t big.  It has room for maybe 10 cars and they are all very visible. Not only that, my car, which I couldn’t find was the only one in the lot.

So I stood there, staring at the trunk of the red car, the only car in front of me, and after a few moments it came to me.

That was my car.

Needless to say, I’m still not used to my new car.

But I am liking it.  It has some luxuries that make me like it a lot.

Like the automatic windows.   Fate wants to stick her head out the window and I just press the button on my arm rest.  Too much of Fate is out the window and I just press it again.   No more leaning over the passenger seat at red lights to roll the window up or down.

Then, there’s the music.  I plug in my iPhone and can actually listen to my music over the radio!  So much more diversity  than the three CD’s I’ve been listening to for the past couple of years.

I know there were be times when I’ll miss my hatchback.

But the other day, I opened my trunk and put a bag of groceries (yes, I do pick up groceries from the Co-op occasionally, no matter what Jon says) in the net stretching across the length of it.  No more  avocado’s gone missing in my car.

Once I got home from the bank I immediately put an Army of Good bumper sticker on my car.  That should help me recognize it next time.  Getting it a little dirty wouldn’t hurt either.  I’m not used to having a car with all that shine.  The inside is already covered in dog hair, I’ll just drive it down some dirt roads that should take care of the outside.

6 thoughts on “My New Car, Lost In The Parking Lot

  1. Oh, Maria! You’re going to love this cute red car!! I had to replace my worn out vehicle with an (almost) red Jeep (I’m not as good in the snow as you are!) And the modern plugs for MP3 players and phones are wonderful. Ditto for the electric windows. Annie

  2. Maria I love your new car. As you know I also have a red car. When I picked it out, it was between a gold or red car. Since I never had a red car, I thought I would go for it because the gold was too drab.

  3. I have to say I got a good chuckle out of this especially when you said it was the only car in the lot. Haha. It is a really nice looking car and hope it gives you years of good service.

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