Wrapped In Trust


Me wrapped in my quilt “Trust” It’s for sale here.

Why not show it wrapped around me, I thought.  I usually take pictures of my quilts laid flat like a painting.

But there’s so much more to them than that.

The quilts in my home are slouched over the backs of chairs and couches.  They bring beauty to the room and are ready to be put to work with the first hint of a chill.   I drape them around me, hugging them close to my body, not only for warmth, but for comfort too.

My quilts are very happy to be worn, to cover a bed or hang on a wall.

I asked Jon to take photos of me wearing my quilt “Trust”.

I wanted people to be able to see it in action.  To see how it changes depending on how it’s draped,  how  colors and patterns interact.

I made my quilt “Trust” a few weeks ago.  In the past I would have been embarrassed that it didn’t sell right away.

I still get a pang if something I make doesn’t sell quickly or at all.

But what I do about it has changed.

In the past I would have given “Trust” away already.  I’d want to be rid of it, because everytime I looked at it I would be reminded that I was a failure.

I never saw my quilts as failures, it’s me that has the trouble with self-worth.  I may like one quilt better than another, but I never made a quilt I didn’t like.

It can be confusing, because as an artist, my work is me.  So rejection of my work feels like rejection of myself.

But I know now, that just because someone doesn’t buy something  I made doesn’t mean that no one likes it.  There are so many factors that come with buying and selling art.  Like money and timing and visibility and having a place for it in your home.

I’ve see lots of art that has meaning and I admire but wouldn’t want to live with.

I think it’s having my Etsy Shop that has made the difference for me. Because now I really see myself as a gallery owner.  And having a shop is a creative thing for me.  As is selling what ever is in my shop.

I guess what I’m saying is,  figuring out how to better sell my art has become more fun.

I never would have thought to wrap myself in one of my quilts and actually ask Jon to take my picture.  But I love how my quilt becomes a sculpture in the photos.

So here I am,  once again, showing you all my quilt “Trust”.  And seeing if this time, isn’t the right time for just the right person to see it and buy it.

Trust is 68″x73″  $400 + $20 and is  Sold  You can read more about it and buy it in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here or on the Etsy Icon on the top of my blog.



2 thoughts on “Wrapped In Trust

  1. I love this quilt and that it has a name and personality. After work today , when I get home I will go to Etsy if it is still unsold. The quilt is beautiful…my sister does quilting and my husband is a woodworker I know the heart ans soul that goes into a piece you create. LOVE IT. talk to you soon, I have to go back to work


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