Making Pinch Pots At The Mansion

Alice, Sylvie, Jackie and Joan

Ellen, Brother Peter and Jackie sat on the white rockers on the porch at The Mansion.

“Hi all” I said, “I have a box of clay and we’re going to be making pinch pots if anyone’s interested”.

Brother Peter smiled and said no thanks, Ellen got  up to take a walk and Jackie followed me inside.

Since she moved to The Mansion, the assisted living facility where Jon and I volunteer, Jackie’s come to each of my monthly art classes.

Joan was laying on the couch in the hallway,  I reached my hand down to her.  Come on Joan, I said we’re going to make some pottery.  She took my hand and we walked together to the Activities Room.

Alice was napping in the chair in front of the TV,  but woke up when we came in.  “I have clay again  Alice” I told her.  “I know how you enjoyed working with it  when we made coil pots.”

Ruth asked if she could watch, she didn’t want to get her hands dirty and Sylvie showed up fifteen minutes later, eager to make something.

Earlier in the day, I watched a couple of videos on You Tube as a refresher, practiced  making a few Pinch Pots on my own, then took with I learned to The Mansion.

Pinch Pots are made by pressing your thumbs into a ball of clay then pinching the clay between your fingers and thumb to make a vessel.  Usually cup or bowl that fits into the palm of the makers hand.

Pinch Pots are ancient and have been found in many different culture all over the world.  They just seem to be one of those things that people do.

Of course everyone’s pot came out different.

Alice’s was more of a plate, Joan’s was shallow with an organic shape.  Jackie made two pots, both wide and deep.  Sylvie’s pot was low and thick.

The clay will dry white and doesn’t need to be fired.  It can also be painted so I think that might be a good thing to do in next month’s class.

There’s going to be an art show at The Mansion in  August.  It will be nice to have the Pinch Pots be a part of it.

Alice working on her Pinch Pot

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