Jon and His New Camera

Jon and his new camera

I heard the UPS truck stop in front of the house.  I texted Jon, who was in the house, from my studio…

Was that your camera?

Five or ten minutes later, when he didn’t answer, I went into the house and there was Jon with a mad gleam in his eyes and the biggest smile I’ve seen on his face in days.

He was holding his new camera.

And then it all fell into place.   How out of sorts and irritable Jon’s been the past few days.  Since his camera broke actually and he could only take pictures with his iPhone.

“It’s like a piece of me was missing” he said.

And I understood.  I thought of my sewing machines, of my computer.  How lost I’d be without them.  How important they are to my creative life.

I hugged Jon.

“That’s the man I love” I said.  “I’m so glad he’s back.”

6 thoughts on “Jon and His New Camera

  1. I just got the same camera a few month ago and know JUST how he feels. Had it delivered to a friend’s house since I knew it would be delivered sooner than to my house. Cause every minute matters when it’s new!

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