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Nicole, Chris, Dana and Jon today at  Mannix Marketing.

“No” I said to Chris when he asked me if I would consider updating my blog and making its format work with mobile phones.

It’s too much money I told him, I can’t afford it.

But there I was this morning with Jon and Chris, Nicole and Dana at Mannix Marketing discussing how I was going to change my blog.

Ten years ago, Jon gave me his blog sermon and I took it and ran.

I’ve changed my blog three times since then.

My first blog was called Yes/No Quilts.  In that first  meeting with Chris Archibee I was reluctant to make my blog about selling my work. My ambiguity was reflected in the name of my blog and the visual which was a close up of my Yes/No Dress, a velvet dress with carpet tacks poking out of it.

I was actually terrified of selling my work, but somehow, that fear never stop me from doing it.

A couple of years later I changed my name to Full Moon Fiber Art.  The idea behind the name was that I was in the full moon phase of my life and if I didn’t do what I wanted to then, I’d never have the chance to do it again.

The designers at Mannix came up with a header for me.  It was a silhouette of my first studio, my Studio Barn, in the hills of Hebron with a full moon hovering over it.

It was about four or five years ago that I designed and stitched my own logo  which is the one I’m still using.  That too has gone through a few changes.

But now I have an idea for something different.  I’d tell you what it is, but my idea is so vague, I can’t even explain it.  I will  post it on my blog when I start working on it.

When my blog is all done (should be sometime in the fall)  the photos will be bigger, taking up the whole page, with the type below it.  Everything that is to the right of my photos and type now, will either be removed or placed on top or bottom of each post.

I’ll be adding  my Blog Roll to the information about me.  And I’ll no longer have the google ads, video or list of recent posts.

I’m excited about the work we’re doing.

I know it will be better for my blog and I believe it’s important to keep changing and keep up to date with new technology.  I’ve always wanted my blog to be simpler visually, but didn’t know how to go about doing it.

So I’m grateful to have the help and happy to pay for it.

When Chris first approached us with this idea to update the format of our blogs a couple of years ago, we were going through a bankruptcy and couldn’t afford it.  My first reaction to spending any large sum of money is always to say no.  But Jon convince me that this was important to do. And we’ve figured out how do it without going  into debt.

I’ll just have to sell some more potholders and quilts.  And hopefully, my new blog will help me do just that.

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