Tacking Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

I’m finishing up my Summer Solstice quilt this morning.  Right now it’s hanging upside-down in my studio as I tack it with pink, yellow and black yarn.

This it the back of Summer Solstice. The flowers and bright colors seemed just right.  I got the flower fabric when we were in New Mexico from the artist  Diane Bryer.  She had a  stash of fabric and I got some of it. Lucky me.

4 thoughts on “Tacking Summer Solstice

  1. Looking really good. I’m really excited. The pop of color on the back is a surprise, but perfect. I love hearing about the fabric origens because it adds to the story of the quilt and brings up memories of your postings about your trip.

    1. I’m glad you like it Jane. That fabric on the back just said summer garden to me. The origins of the fabric so often have a part in whatever I’m making. When I see the fabric I got from Diane, I’m right back in the trailer where she had box loads of it. Someday I hope to go back and get more.

  2. Dear Maria, I just wanted to tell you I received the photo of Simon, Fanny and Lulu today and I love it! I had read Jon’s book, Saving Simon, and it touched me very much so the photo has meaning for me aside from the artistic beauty of it. I was sad to heat Jon say he didn’t think he would write books anymore because he is such a wonderful storyteller but I respect his decision and still have books of his I haven’t read yet so I can still enjoy his writing. I’m loving both of you blogs and appreciate your willingness to allow us to be part of your world.
    Wishing you both well and and much success with your open house.
    Loretta Brooks

    1. Well Loretta, That’s so nice to hear and I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for being there and Jon still has at least one more books in the works, but he’ll always have his blog as will I.

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