My Red Shoes

I’ve had my Red Shoes for years.

They were expensive, Jon wanted to buy them for me and I let him.  It was probably the first gift Jon gave me that I received graciously

They are the shoes both Fate and Gus slept on as puppies and the pair of shoes I wore to India. They’re the shoes I draw again and again.

I’ve had the velcro on the straps replaced, the lining is shredded in places, and the soles are worn.  They are perfect.

Last week, when I picked up a piece of cardboard and a marker to make some more Mailart, my eyes settled on my red shoes, still on the floor where I kicked them off.

When I finished this drawing I knew I was  going to mail it to my friend Cindy.  She send me a pair of red shoes from her childhood doll that I keep in my studio.  She get’s my red shoes.

5 thoughts on “My Red Shoes

  1. I love red shoes, too! My father bought me the most beautiful pair of red heels for Easter one year and when we returned home and I proudly showed them to her, my mother almost fainted because she thought they were way too high for my age. I’ve had at least one pair of red shoes in my closet ever since – now they are flat red shoes LOL I’m 71 years old and not about to attempt walking in 3 inch heels. Thanks for prompting a special memory for me.

  2. Something about red shoes…I have a pair just like yours, by Jambu, which I live in pretty much all summer long. They make me smile and (I believe) make my feet happy, too. Love the card you made, Maria.

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