Bud, Our New Dog?


Jon’s the one who does the dog finding in our family, and I’m happy to leave the search to him.  He’s much more deliberate than I’d ever be and he actually enjoys it.

When we found out that Hannah, Gus’ mother, wasn’t pregnant we talked about getting a dog from the  same SPCA where Frieda came from.

Then a few days ago, just as Jon showed me a picture of Gus before we decide to get him, he showed me a picture of Buddy.

Buddy is a year old, being treated for heartworm and living in Arkansas being cared for by Carol at  Friends of Homeless Animals.

When Jon told me Bud was scared of men, but otherwise very sweet,  I didn’t bat an eye.  If Jon could get Frieda to love him, I have no doubts he can win Buddy over.

I like the idea that Bud (as we’ve been calling him) needs a home and we want a dog.  I like that he’s a year old.  As much as I love a puppy, I’m just as happy with an adult dog,  already house-trained.

Bud also likes to play, so he’ll be a good companion for Fate.

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs since we got Gus, so as much as I like the idea of Bud, I’m also being a bit more cautious than I usually would be.  There’s a very good chance he’ll be able to be treated for Heartworm, but nothing is certain.

One of the many Boston Terrier Breeders that Jon contacted had a litter of pups due at the end of July, but superstitiously, she wouldn’t even take our phone number and said Jon would have to call her at the end the month.

I get that now.

If all goes well, we’ll be able to pick Bud up in Providence, RI (curiously, where Jon was born and raised) by the end of the summer.

I can already imagine him on the farm, chasing Fate and sleeping on the piles of fabric in my studio.

Jon,of course, has been writing about Bud on his blog, you can read more here. 

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