At The Mansion, The Bunny and The Hawk

Mary and Peggy with their Bingo winnings

It’s been a couple of weeks since Jon and I called Friday night Bingo at The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility.

Not everyone won tonight, but everyone who wanted a prize got one.  Peggy was so thrilled with her pink bunny, that she gave her a voice and Jon and I found ourselves answering her.  Jon got a video of their exchange.  You can see it here. 

And Mary was just as happy with her Hawk, what make screeching sounds when you pressed its belly.

We all liked the idea of the hawk and the bunny, like the lion and the lamb, getting along together.

Both the stuffed animals, along with a bunch of others, were donated by people from the Army Of Good.

Jon and Jean

As we were leaving The Mansion tonight, Jean was a little confused and needed help getting back to her room.  Jon took her arm and lead her inside.



2 thoughts on “At The Mansion, The Bunny and The Hawk

  1. What I love about the Bingo games. Such simple things bring such joy. And Jon leading Jean back to her room. Such a good good thing. ❤️

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