Flo hadn’t moved from the living room chair where I put after coming back from the Vet.

But when Jon got home a few hours later, she gingerly  jumped off the chair and into his lap.  Those two have had a love affair going since Flo first seduced Jon into letting her sit on his lap.  The only cat, that I know of, that was able to get that close to Jon.

Dr. Fariello said she thought Flo had a virus and gave her fluids, because she was dehydrated.  She did some acupuncture and  gave her an antibiotic.

I was hopeful when she ate a little wet cat food this afternoon.  But this evening she wasn’t interested in eating until I gave her a piece of the Salmon I was having for dinner.  Then I opened some canned salmon and scooped it into a dish with the salmon oil.  Flo lapped up the oil, but left the fish.

Then she just stood there looking off-balance and disoriented.

She’s been sleeping on the same chair since then and, to me, looks worse than she did this morning.

We’ll see how she is tomorrow and decide then what to do next.

4 thoughts on “Flo

  1. My cat Phoebe went through a similar thing a year ago. She also received antibiotics and some fluids. She had stopped eating and was wobbly and confused. I was sure she was dying. I sat with her and talked to her and hand fed her baby food. It took a few days, but she gradually started to improve and had a full recovery. The vet never figured out what was wrong with her. Flo might make it through, but if you have to let her go, know that she had the best life with you and Jon.

  2. Its so hard w/kitties,because often the trip to the vet is SO traumatizing to them! Im glad that Flo is better tho!!!! I love and worship cats..

    1. Were lucky Kristina, our vet is about a minute away by car. In the past I’ve had my cats shed a coat and drool a bucket on the way to the Vet.

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