My New Full Moon Fiber Art Header

I started working on the new header for my blog today.

I’ve been at it all day and now it’s 10pm and when it gets this late, I can still sew, but I have a hard time writing.  So it’ll be mostly pictures tonight.

I stared with a piece of this lovely old quilt that someone sent me.  It’s the same quilt I’m using to make my latest Fabric Painting.

I chose the colors and shapes that I wanted to keep, and removed the rest of the appliqué.

I wanted one of my Goddesses  standing on top of the appliqué in the lower left corner.  So I did a bunch of drawings on paper and with my machine.


I finally got the Goddess right.

This is how I left it tonight.  The words Full Moon Fiber Art will fill in most of the blank space.  I still can’t quite see how the words will fit in the space, but I know I’ll be able to figure it out.  That’s part of the fun.

I’ll write more about my ideas about the header and my choices later.

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Full Moon Fiber Art