My New Blog Header…. Getting Closer

My new Blog Header so far….

The first time I removed appliqué from an old quilt, I knew I was doing more than just pulling stitches.

It’s actually the perfect symbol for what I do.  I take old things, used things, things that people don’t want anymore, but don’t want to throw away because they have meaning to them,  and give those things new life.

I rebirth them.

I wanted that idea to be in my new blog header.  So I began it by unstitching the appliqué on an old quilt.

Next I drew my Goddess.  A Statue of Liberty with a Bellydancers attitude, standing on the landing of the appliqué I chose to leave in place.

The words, Full Moon Fiber Art,  the name of my business, a declaration in itself of my place in life and my willingness to grab hold of life and run with it, came slowly throughout the day.

I have to admit, I’m a bit obsessed with getting this right (my idea of right, that is). Stitching the words again and again on every color fabric I could think of, with different colors thread.

And when I did ( I chose to stitch the words on the back of the same old quilt) I re- appliquéd, using my sewing machine,  the fabric from the appliqué I removed, for the first letter of each word. My pink marker was drying up by the time I got to the “T” in Art. 

I still have more to do.  Figure out exactly the right place for it all  and stitching it down.

But I feel like I’m close, and that feels good.

2 thoughts on “My New Blog Header…. Getting Closer

  1. Maria, this is excellent. I keep learning more about art with each day. I appreciate the lessons in stages easy to assimilate. And I wonder what tomorrow brings. Thank you! veronica

    1. Oh, glad to hear you like it Veronica. That means a lot to me. I’ve been enjoying your lesson which where you explain your art. Of course they go beyond the piece and speak of life too. I just sent a link to someone, from your piece about the only boundaries being the ones we impose ourselves.

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