My New Header, All Done….I Think….

I aways want to add more, but I think I’m liking the simplicity of this new header.

I’m not sure which is better, the one with more space on the bottom or less.  If you have any thoughts, please let me know.  I love the texture of the old quilt.  I like that I want to reach into the photo and touch the whole thing.

I still feel like I’m a little too close to it and can’t see it clearly.  But I do know I like the way it looks.

Now I have to make a button for Instagram that will be on my new blog so people can visit my Instagram site easily on their computer or from their phone.

I’m also making a  button that says “Shop Etsy“.  I’ll be able to embed the “Shop Etsy” link into my text so it will be even easier for people to visit my Etsy Shop.

I hope to get it all done by tomorrow.  Then I can send it off to Dana at Mannix and they can start reconstructing my blog.  It will be all done sometime in October.


22 thoughts on “My New Header, All Done….I Think….

  1. Maria, this is so YOU! It ‘describes’ your artwork perfectly in the reuse of the quilt and appliqué; it shows the confident ‘you’ that has emerged in the belly dancer. It’s bold yet simple. Perfect to me too!

    i prefer space around the appliqué so it’s not cut off…..but that’s just me.


    1. Ah, I’m so glad you get it Hazel. It seems most people like the one with space around it. I’m just not used to all that space in my work, but this is different. It should have impact and Simplicity helps with that.

  2. I prefer the one with more space on the bottom. I just like seeing the whole design. It’s lovely, Maria

  3. I like the heading with more space at the bottom. The graphic on the left allows more “spray” of the quilt “leaves” and the moon and graphic on the bottom right stays intact and doesn’t seem to fall off the heading. It looks beautiful.

  4. Hi Maria, I really like your new header! Back in my corporate marketing research days, I used to test our clients’ print ads for their effectiveness with consumers. I can assure you that the differences between your two header options are so small that your blog readers would like them both equally aesthetically. I had to look closely to see what you meant by extra space on the bottom.

    OK, I’ll stop being so market researchy now! I slightly prefer the header with a tad more room on the bottom. Don’t ask me why! I’m looking forward to seeing the new header go LIVE on your blog! Janet

  5. Maria… You are such a talented artist.. I feel humbled that you want our feedback…. I do like the first one with more edge at the bottom…. Anyway you go it will be great…. Rebecca

  6. I vote for the narrower one, the bottom banner. The words appear centered on this one and more like a banner than a wall hanging.

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