Just When I Thought I Was Done With My New Blog Header

Well, I just couldn’t leave the header as it was.

I like simplicity and admire it in most designs, but to me, the header was begging for something else.  It just didn’t feel right.

Now, with the tree and the boots on the floating piece of appliqué, it says everything I want to say.

I appreciate all the feedback I got on my blog and facebook.

It was Claudia who mentioned  putting, a path through the woods, on it.  The tree works in that way for me.  In  how necessary nature is in my life and work.  And the red boots have been a symbol of mine from the very beginning.

I kept thinking that someone else knew better about logo designs and what makes a good one.  And I still think that’s true, it’s not something I have knowledge or experience in.

But I decided that more than someone else’s idea of  a good design, I want to have  a header that I like looking at and feel good about.  One that expresses me and my work.  And this does that for me.

Now it feels just right.

The Red boots

4 thoughts on “Just When I Thought I Was Done With My New Blog Header

  1. Maria, Your new header is simply beautiful. It is reflective of your brilliant artistic and personal evolution.
    Love the colors. It has a vintage look, reminiscent of old quilts, the core of your art form. And the addition of the tree!, iconic in your art and your grand connection with them.

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