Liminal Light

I’m not sure if it’s getting lighter out
or if my eyes are just getting used to the dark

This time of morning
it’s hard to tell the difference.

a long legged spider whispers over my toes
or maybe it’s a low breeze on the fine hairs

the cats
snake themselves
around my ankles
then settle

even Fate is still

I sit in liminal light
of the immediacy
of email

how sometimes
even they need the space of days
before responding

Quietly, I watch
as bats turn to birds.





2 thoughts on “Liminal Light

  1. What a beautiful and peaceful time of the morning. And I never knew the word “liminal.” I have replayed it 5 or six times. Is this from the perspective of the porch? And what time of the morning is it?


    1. It is from the back porch Susie at about 4:30am. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I learned about the meaning of the work Liminal when I went to India.

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