Stacking Wood

I’m grateful to have Nicholes help stacking our  6 cords of wood.  Nichole also watches our animals when we go away, helps us move heavy furniture, and is a Vet Tech at Cambridge Valley Vets where were bring the dogs and cats.

But tonight, I was glad there was still a pile of wood that Nichole didn’t get to.

Tonight I wanted to stack wood.  I needed to move my body, to sweat, be outside.

I filled the woodshed as it grew dark and when it became too hard to see anymore, I stopped.

I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but sometimes the simplicity of repetitive, physical work, is just what I need.


4 thoughts on “Stacking Wood

  1. ….and, what a wonderful Flo portrait…..I bet she was supervising. She is amazing.
    I really identify with a need, once in awhile, to do a repetitive task, especially one that requires a lot of energy, and brings a strong sense of accomplishment when completed. On a small scale, it is why I love to clean the kitchen.

  2. I wish I could have worked outside tonight so much! I am stuck back in hosp. With awful blood values and getting really sick at home. Results and treatments are up in the Air. Half empty. My pony loves it at the Cape! Half full !

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