Cheryl’s Vulva Poem

Cheryl often leaves comments on my blog in the form of poems.  This morning I she did just that, sending me a poem about my Flying Vulva.

She has captured in her words so much of what I’m saying with my image.

Here’s Cheryl’s poem…..

“The vulvas on wing
It’s beautiful thing
My morning began
With a smile
Can the labias lead?
Will the patriarch cede?
Has the status quo
Substantially shifted?
Rise up! And fly high
Leave the paradigms lie
Wear your pussy hats
Choose our most gifted.”

By Cheryl b.

6 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Vulva Poem

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Maria. I must admit I was taken aback at a few of the previous comments. It never ceases to amaze me how anyone (especially women who gave birth to us!) can find the miracle of human anatomy in any way offensive or in need of a warning. So many women have been taught self-hate of their body images. It behooves us to rejoice in the multitude of shapes and sizes, parts and pieces! My rejoinder:
    “The President can grab them
    and that comes without warning?
    Your babies travelled through them
    do you hide their lives’ dawning?
    Teach them pride and respect
    silence merely lowers the bar.
    When shamed of our creation
    that really goes ‘too far’.”
    *** my 2 cents***

    1. I love you two cents Cheryl. And the “next” of your poem. It’s perfect. And so true that we’ve been taught self hate. Thank you.

  2. I wouldn’t have known what it was unless you had named it. Pretty funny and nothing to be upset about.

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