A New Quilt, Asking Questions

I felt as if I hadn’t had a complete day to focus on my work in a long time. So I started a new quilt this morning, believing it would get my attention and hold it.

And it did.

I began the quilt by taking all the fabric from one of my shelves and spreading it out on the floor.   I pulled fabric and sewed pieces together that felt like how I was feeling.

I kept working, without interruption, till lunch then for a few hours after. When I got stuck and couldn’t make a decision about what to do next I stopped.

I actually got a little further along than the picture above, but I forgot to take a photo of the quilt when I left my studio.  Now it’s too dark, the color would be off without sunlight.  I’ll hopefully finish designing it on Monday.

As with all my quilts, I have my own sense of balance and symmetry.  This is one of my quilts that has more questions than answers.

6 thoughts on “A New Quilt, Asking Questions

  1. I love that I was able to ID the flowers in your field. What a treat to have both oregano and Bee Balm out there — a feast for the bees!

  2. Maria,
    I am not artistic and cannot sew but I am a fanatic about puzzles. Crosswords, jumbles and anything else that requires rearranging until it is right. Your quilts are like a giant puzzle and I love to watch the process. Good work.

    1. Patsy, I often think of my quilts being like puzzles. I think sometimes I use the same part of my brain to create them as I do when I’m doing a puzzle. I ‘m so glad to know you see that, being your penchant for puzzles.

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