Flying Vulva Potholders Are Everywhere…

The back of my potholder hanging in the Motel window

Jon and I have been spending a lot of time with our friend Susan this past week.  We at least have dinner or lunch together.

Susan is closing on a house tomorrow in the village of Cambridge and has been staying at a motel  in town for the past few five days, in-between selling her old house and buying her new one.

I gave her some flowers in a ball jar from my garden to make her room more homey.  Then she bought one of my Flying Vulva Potholders and hung it in the window of her room.

When we picked Susan up for dinner and a movie yesterday, I saw the unmistakable back of my potholder and my business card (that I use as a label) through the window screen.

My Flying Vulva Potholders  have a mind of their own.  I never know where they’ll end up.

(I’m working on some more Flying Vulva Potholders that I should have all done early this week and will be selling in my Etsy Shop)

The front of my Flying Vulva Potholder in Susan’s Motel

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