A New Flock Of Flying Vulva Potholders, Sold Out

The new flock of Flying Vulva Potholders

The new flock of Flying Vulva’s is sold out. There’s a new flock of my Flying Vulva Potholders in my Etsy Shop.

More than half of them are already on their way to their new homes.  There were a few people who asked me to let them know when I had more done and they bought them not only for themselves, but for friends too.

Of course I love selling my Flying Vulva Potholders, but I also love that their message is so well received and it’s one that people want to share.

My Flying Vulva Potholders are $25 + $7 shipping for one and $1 for each additional one.  I’ll be making more Flying Vulva Potholders soon.  You can see and buy my Flying Vulva Potholders by clicking here.  


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  1. Hi,
    Have you ever read Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. I think you’d love it. the quilt was displayed in Boston years ago and maybe you’ve seen it.

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