Summer Solstice In Its New Home

Summer Solstice in its new home.
“Several things are appealing.”   Jane wrote to me in her email with a photo of the quilt Summer Solstice that she bought from me. “The variety of colors.  The different fabrics that, I believe, might also have been used in some of your potholders, so it’s like a continuum of creativity and my quilt is part of a much larger effort that includes people all over the world.”
Jane’s right about some of the fabrics being used in my potholders, but I never thought of that connections that occurs when different people from all over have those pieces of fabrics in their homes in one of my creations.
What a beautiful thought….

3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice In Its New Home

  1. Thank you, Maria! There are also three secret pockets that I discovered. What a fun quilt. I can right affirmations, prayers or spiritual insights on paper and tuck them into the pockets and then sleep under them. Sure to work, right?

    1. oh what a great idea Jane! I never thought of using the pockets, and what a great way to use them. I can imagine it working. I love it, “Holy Comforter”.

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