Working On My “Staurolite” Quilt

My Staurolite quilt is hanging in my studio waiting for me to begin tacking it.

The backing for Staurolite

This morning I hung the backing on the line after washing it.  It’s a combination of an Indian bedspread and a bed sheet.

2 thoughts on “Working On My “Staurolite” Quilt

  1. Maria,

    Although I can’t afford to purchase one of your quilts, I know that is all right. I am always struck by how quickly they are sold. But I want to let you know that the photos you have recently published from those who have purchased them are absolutely stunning. I don’t remember seeing so many such photos, but it is a wonderful way to market your quilts! Every time I see one on a bed, I envy its new owner!


    1. That’s good to know and nice to hear Susie. I love to see my quilts in their new homes, like seeing a piece of art framed and hanging in a gallery is different than seeing it in the studio, it’s the same with my quilts.

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