Working at Night

Staurolite quilt

Tonight, after Bellydancing Class I finished tacking my Staurolite quilt.

I was tired, but once I got into my studio, the magic of the night outside my windows made me want to be just where I was, doing just what I was doing.

It’s different working at night, the pressures of the day are over.  The energy in my studio is more relaxed and time loses its meaning.

2 thoughts on “Working at Night

  1. Maria, your quilts are truly an expression of yourself, so beautiful. I am always intrigued by your creations. I would love to purchase one, but they seem to be sold as soon as they’re posted! How might I purchase one? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you Erika. Sometimes they do sell even before I get to finish them. So if you see one you think you like as I’m making it, let me know I can give you first choice when it’s done. Thanks so much for asking and your good words.

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