Flying Vulva Superhero?

My Flying Vulva Decal on my Car

I saw her after Janet suggested I make T-shirts with my Flying Vulva on them.

She was a woman in typical Superhero stance and instead of the “W” for WonderWoman , there’s a Flying Vulva spreading her wings across the Superhero’s chest.

And with that image, I’m bombarded with a whole slew of new ideas about just what the Flying Vulva Superhero would like and how she would be dressed. Makes me think there’s more to come…..

So I’m thinking of this when I go  to put my Flying Vulva decal on my car.  And looking at the back of my car and the bumperstickers already on it, I thought it needed a more prominent place.

If I were the Flying Vulva Superhero, where would the flying vulva be on my car.

It didn’t take me long to figure out she belonged in the front center of my hood.

She looks perfect there, but I think I’ll put one on the back too.  Most people won’t see it on the front of my car, that’s why bumperstickers are bumperstickers.

I only have one more Flying Vulva Decal left in my Etsy Shop,  Thank you everyone for buying them!  But more are on the way.  I placed an order for 100 more decal,  with Sticker Mule on Friday night, when I saw they were almost sold out.  They’ll be here by the end of the week.

You can also buy my Flying Vulva Decals by sending a check to Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.  They’re $8 including shipping each.


6 thoughts on “Flying Vulva Superhero?

  1. so the Flying Vulva decals are flying out of your Etsy shop? (sorry couldn’t resist) 2 should be flying out to my address soon.

  2. Dear Maria, The Flying Vulva looks FANTASTIC on the hood of your sporty red car! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all Jon’s posts about Flying Vulvas that his website thoughtfully, cleverly put all in one place. Annie
    P.S. I REALLY like your pic of Jon taking the pic of the rainbow!

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